West Marine Professional 12v Oil changer flat tank

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  • 3.5gal. polyethylene tank with 12V pump makes oil changes easy!

    Self-contained oil change system extracts oil up to SAE 50 viscosity. Dipstick tube entry for easy access and clean removal. 16 Gauge battery cable with alligator clamps. Stable design with easy pour spout helps to prevent spills.Fully assembled.

    Key Features

    • Extracts 5qt. (4.7L) of oil in less than 10 minutes
    • Uses your boat’s 12-volt power source
    • Heavy-duty power cord with fuse protection
    • Rugged non-collapsible suction tube
    • Self-priming diaphragm pump
    • Water-resistant ON/OFF switch
    • Flat tank is made from high-density polyethylene
    • Pump body is electro-deposition-coated (EDC) steel
    • Mounting base is electro-deposition-coated (EDC) aluminum
    • Diaphragm made from highly oil-resistant thermoplastic rubber
    • Valves are highly oil-resistant fluoro-elastomer
    • Motor: 12V DC w/integral power switch
    • Receiver: Plastic w/3.5 gallon (13.2L) tank
    • Battery leads: 7' (2.1cm) w/battery clips
    • Suction tube: 8' (2.4m) 1/4" (.64cm) OD, nylon

    Oil removal in three steps

    1. Remove dipstick and insert suction tube
    2. Attache power cord clips to engine battery
    3. Switch pump on to drain crankcase